History Infographics – Blackjack Throughout the Time


    Whether you are an experienced player or only plan to play blackjack for the first time, it could be useful to learn a thing or two about the game. The history of it goes centuries back, but as for the United States of America, everything begins in the 18th century. The French colonists brought the game to the US soil, although they didn’t call it blackjack. At the time, it was known as “21.”

    18th Century

    Game was brought to American by French colonists, where it was called 21

    1820 New Orlean

    First legalised and house banked games in New Orleans

    1931 Game Rules

    Game rules is standardised. It is these rules which are mostly still used nowadays.

    1950 Card Counters

    First blackjack card counters is appeared.

    1963 Harvey Dubner

    Computer scientist Harvey Dubner introduced the high-low method of counting cards.

    The next important event in the blackjack history happened in 1820 in New Orleans. It was the city where the first house-banked games appeared and you had a chance to play legally. The game quickly became increasingly popular, but the rules were still different depending on where you play.

    Game Rules and Card Counters

    It took more than a century for the game rules to standardize, but that finally happened in 1931. In fact, these rules mostly remain in power today, too. Many players considered themselves to be blackjack experts at the time and it didn’t take long to figure out that you could profit by counting cards. According to blackjack wiki, the first card counters appeared in 1950.

    The technique of card counting attracted some smart and educated people too. Harvey Dubner was a computer scientist who came up with the innovative high-low method of card counting in 1963.

    Online Blackjack – Infographics

    All casino games, including blackjack, significantly rose in popularity with the appearance of the internet. The opportunity to gamble online was first implemented in 1994 by Microgaming whose software is extremely popular nowadays, too. It was two years later when the first online casino was established. In 2004, Microgaming decided to make the game suitable portable devices and launch its first mobile casino.


    Microgaming developed first online gambling software


    First online casino is launched


    Microgaming launch first mobile casino


    First Live Dealer Casino is launched, bringing online blackjack one step closer ro real casino experience


    First Smartwatch blackjack


    First Virtual Reality casino is launched

    Although the chance to play online made blackjack available to the players from around the world, gamers were looking for an even improved experience and sessions that will remind of those played in a real-life casino. History of blackjack indicates that the next vital step occurred in 2006 when live blackjack sessions started streaming from a professional gambling studio with live dealers making the gaming experience far more realistic.

    Blackjack was always the game that kept up with the latest technology trends and that is something that hasn’t change in the last several years. If you have a virtual reality set, you have been in a position to enjoy VR blackjack gaming sessions since 2015. That way you do not only play with a live dealer, but you also feel like in a true casino environment and, in reality, you haven’t moved from your own home. In the same year, the owners of smartwatches got the chance to play blackjack via their devices. That became another gadget where you can play blackjack on the go.

    It is hard to explain the popularity of blackjack, but there is no doubt it is among the favorite and most playable casino games out there. The simplicity combined with excitement and the opportunity to win big is why gamers love blackjack and reasons why you should give it a shot today.